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Endodontics/Root Canal

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  • Orthodontics- Fixed Braces
  • Endodontics- Root Canal
  • Periodontics – Gum Therapy
  • Maxillofacial Surgery-
    1. Facial Trauma & Reconstruction
    2. Cyst & Tumors of Oral Cavity
    3. Dentoalveolar Surgery
    4. Infections Maxillofacial Cosmetic surgery
    5. Head & Neck Cancer / Pre-Malignant Lesions and conditions.
  • Lase Dental clinic
  • Prosthodontic Rehabilitation – Artificial tooth: Bridge / partial dentures, Complete Dentures, Maxillofacial Defects
  • Cosmetic Filling
  • Dental Bleach
  • Dental Jewels
  • Laminates and Vaneer
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Tooth Extraction / Surgical Removal of wisdom Impacted / fractured Tooth

Under Medical Supervision & Multi Para Monitor

► Conscious sedation – for painless & anxiety free Dental Procedures for anxious persons.
► Dental Procures for Aged and Medically Compromised

Sterilization – the Crucial reassuring factor

The sterilization system adopted at City Dental Centre is arguably the best in the industry.
  • Ultra-sonic machines suck out the smallest impurities from the tiniest crevices of instruments
  • Sterilization, by autoclaving instruments is dome under the effect of steam and pressure. This effectively protects against spore forms, tuberculosis bacilli and Retrovirus (HIV)
  • Unique color-coding system that indicates the completion of the sterilization process.
  • The packages, after sterilization are opened only just before a dental procedure.
  • Ultra Voilet ray, Formoline Chamber & Glass beed sterilizer.
Serious and complicated cases requiring multi-disciplinary and Intensive care and admitted at Jagdish memorial Hospital, Kankarbagh, Patna

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Our team is built of the best medical specialists representing virtually every medical specialty to deliver top-notch services for you and your family.

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Our medical center is always ready to offer you emergency medical services as well as immediately diagnose you and determine the need for any medical resources.



Thanks to the individual approach we use at City Dental, our patients get better service that is designed to fit their personal healthcare needs and budget.

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